There are different ways to improve in a foreign language :

First it is easier if you live in the country, with a complete immersion. You will learn new words or expressions every day. It is also fun to learn a language through different activities such as taking part in a workshop, mini group or while you visit places.

I offer different packages from academic conversational French (private or online) but also mini groups (coffee mornings or apero evenings) and different workshops, or heritage discovery visits whether it be cooking, creating a perfume, tasting local wine and listening to local people explaining their passion and taking part in a conversation.

About me :

I’m a native speaker so I can correct your pronunciation and mistakes.

I’m an English teacher, I passed the highly competitive teaching competition which requires both a good knowledge of French grammar and syntax as well as English ones. So I can explain by comparing both languages. (spelling/rules/conjugations).

I’m flexible : you can choose different slots during the week.

You will learn in context, through conversations. I’m not in favour of learning rules by heart but through your “mistakes” I will correct with the right pronunciation or I will explain the rules.

I will send you resources and recaps after each class with the vocabulary and expressions we have studied that you can review and learn at any time (rules/podcasts/short videos…). It is easier to memorise because you will remember our conversation and you will be able to use them in your everyday life.

The classes are tailor-made. You tell me what you like doing, why you need to speak French (work? leisure? integrate?), your preferences (conversation/listening/writing…)

Last but not least : I will also give some clues about the French culture, the dos and don’ts for a better integration.

The classes last one hour.

Learning has to be fun. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, you will learn throughout time and improve until you are completely fluent if you live in the country or at least be able to understand and enjoy the art de vivre à la française.


Example of a chat during a private class with one of my student. 

(coffee morning on a rooftop in Nice).

Example of Zoom conversation 

Example of cooking workshop 

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